Patrick Cataloni

6424 E. Greenway Rd
Scottsdale, AZ
85254 USA

(602) 256-1415

Patrick Cataloni is an Associate Broker with a construction background. He holds an Unrestricted Construction Supervisors License which gives him extreme knowledge on all different facets of Investment Real Estate as it pertains to the conditions of properties and how to maintain them as an investor.

Communication skills are keys to client success and Patrick possesses these skills with follow up phone calls, text and emails proficiently.  His smile is relentless and in pursuit of working hard to keep his investment clients updated and informed on current market conditions and any changes that are happening in the Phoenix and surrounding areas pertaining to Investment Real Estate.

Some of Patrick’s favorite hobbies are Sporting events, hiking, guitar and banjo playing. Those unique talents brings out the best in his investment clients on a daily basis.

Knowledge is confidence and Patrick displays these in his endless drive to bring the best information possible to your fingertips to make your investment successful and meaningful. Patrick and Gerchick Real Estate satisfy all your investment needs big or small and no investment is too small that is does not get his full attention and constant communication.