JC Shea

JC Shea

Loan Officer | NMLS #1657159

C: (480) 599-6755

D: (480) 782-7107 Ext (23617)

O: (480) 892-0000

F: (480) 244-0322


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1750 East Northrop Blvd. Suite 230

Chandler, AZ 85286

LO State Lic#: AZ 0943996

Corp State Lic: AZ: BK-0904081

Corp NMLS: 3113 | Equal Housing Lender

I am a full time Lender, except that is a lie. I am also a full-time husband and a full-time father. Originally from the Los Angeles area, I have been a Valley Resident for 28 years, A Husband for 18 and a Father for 15. I tend to work hard / play hard, laugh often and give myself 100% to everything I do.

I believe my success comes from the fact that I put my client’s needs first and I am a highly skilled communicator that understands the formula to make a deal happen. I believe in the newly regulated mortgage industry. I believe in God. I believe that my purpose is to help others win through my counsel and expertise. I believe buying a property can be fun and exciting. I believe that a day on the beach beats a day doing just about anything else. I believe my children are smarter and more mature than many…. well, most of the adults I know. I believe my wife is too amazing for words and I am blessed because she chose me.

There are many criteria that can be used to select a Lender to buy or refinance your home, but may I suggest hiring someone that is a skilled communicator, whom is also incredibly responsive, experienced and familiar with handling all the issues that can arise, from guideline issues, appraisal issues and buyer loan failures. It so happens that I fit those criteria.

Working with Linda Gerchick is one of the more pleasurable experiences of my work day. She is prompt, to the point and gets things done. Linda is very knowledgeable and can make things happen before you know it. I have completed many transactions with her and all have been fantastic. Linda has a wealth of knowledge in the area of investment properties and more specifically multifamily properties. If you are interested in investing in Multi Family and or primary resident Multi Family there is no better professional to speak with and work with than Linda.

I really recommend and value my relationship with JC.  Easy to get a hold of and keeps both myself and the Buyer updated on the progress of a loan. Without the loan (money) we can’t close the deal!  Call him today!