Harry F. D’Elia III – Portfolio Manager

Mynd Property Management

1955 S Val Vista Drive #126
Mesa, AZ 85204
Direct: 602-549-9764


Mynd’s mission is to deliver a trusted, modern rental experience. We do this by equipping owners with guarantees, data, and transparency to generate portfolio growth while also enabling residents to shape the place they call home. Mynd is committed to adding value to both residents and owners. We have a desire to serve our customers and we strive to make sure that each owner has the very best experience with Mynd Property Management. Mynd was founded in 2016, operates in 16 markets across America, and has over 8,000 units under management. Because of the broad expanse of the company, we are well grounded and are here to stay. This also adds to the credibility we have as a company to be able to serve landlords in any way possible. 

Mynd is focused on landlords who own 50 units or less. We have developed our own proprietary property management software to increase efficiencies and communication to landlords and residents. Both owners and residents are provided with an online portal with access 24/7. Residents can pay online at no extra cost in order to receive rental proceeds faster for the landlord. Furthermore, we provide 24/7 phone support in case residents have emergencies. We provide full accounting records for the owner. All services are streamlined, making it simple and straightforward for the owner as well as the tenant. 

“The best property managers know how to think like an investor,” Doug Brien, CEO of Mynd said. I have worked with investors since 2002 in all capacities including property management and full remodel projects. You will be in good hands with Harry F. D’Elia III when it comes to property management because I do think like a real estate investor. I have one final question for you. “When do I start working for you?”

I have known Linda both professionally and personally for the past eight years. I must express that nobody works harder in real estate for their client than Linda. Her hard work ethic, knowledge of the local real estate market and her connections alone far supersede any other commercial real estate agent in Phoenix. You are in good hands with Linda when investing in real estate.

Harry and I work very closely together.  My Clients like Harry and value his services. I like Harry!

When I do an unexpected visit to my Client’s properties; I am not disappointed with the condition of the building. Without Harry and his company my client’s investments would not be successful.

The systems that Mynd has for the Investor makes managing their portfolio easy.