Jon Sahnow

Jon Sahnow

SVP Arizona Operations Manager

Cell: (602) 538-6399



Williston Financial Group (WFG) is a holding company that operates a national title insurer and
multiple complementary operating companies. WFG began operation in 2010. Golden Gate
Capital is its largest shareholder. WFG National Title Insurance Company is currently licensed
and operating in 49 states and in the District of Columbia. WFG operates three business
divisions: company – owned title operations (Direct operations), Agency Operations, and
Enterprise Solutions.

WFG is one of the six truly national title underwriters and achieved that faster than any other
title underwriter in history. Why? Because we’re doing something different. We take a people-
centered approach to a transaction-centered business. We’re here to make that process as
simple, cost-effective and secure as possible.

No matter what side of the transaction you’re on, the ins and outs of real estate can be stressful.
But we knew from the start that WFG could make things easier for everyone. Our company is
built on five simple cornerstones to serve you better:

1. Everything we do is because of you.

2. Take time and cost out of real estate transactions.

3. Communicate, Collaborate and Co-exist.

4. Obsess about service.

5. Reimagine the customer experience.

WFG National Title Insurance Company Commercial Services staff is comprised of industry-
leading professionals who are knowledgeable, responsive and driven to meet your specific
needs. With decades of experience, our team is prepared to handle complex challenges that
can arise during the commercial real estate transaction. WFG Commercial Services is
committed to helping you overcome unforeseen obstacles of a transaction while providing you
with personalized support and service you have come to expect.

Whether you are a real estate professional, investor, lender or consumer, we are here to
support you and provide the tools and resources that you need to succeed. Our team is
dedicated to making your real estate transactions as smooth and stress-free as possible and we
look forward to helping you achieve your goals.

Please contact us today if you would like to learn more about how WFG can help you. At WFG,
everything we do is… BECAUSE OF YOU.

I consider myself lucky to have had the opportunity to collaborate with Linda for more than two decades. Her wealth of expertise, attention to detail, and unwavering dedication to serving the customer make her stand out from the crowd. She possesses exceptional creativity and consistently discovers unique solutions to facilitate successful transactions that others are unable to accomplish, which leads to highly satisfied clients.

I have had the pleasure of knowing Jon for a considerable amount of time. Our paths crossed when he was the Commercial Escrow Officer during one of my initial Multifamily closings, and I was impressed with his professionalism and knowledge.

It’s so important to me that Jon has a Commercial Escrow Backround.  As I say Investing is not crystal clear and there are a lot twists and turns.  The important factor is to have a good Team put together and Jon is a cornerstone for me.

As my go-to person at WFG Title Insurance Company, it’s been invaluable to have someone with such extensive experience in Commercial Escrows. But Jon is much more than just a skilled professional; he and his wife Tracy have become dear friends, and I value the relationships we’ve built just as much as the business partnership we share.