Types of Properties commonly used as Investments


FOURPLEX is often a misunderstood Investment!  Many Real Estate Agents treat this type of property as a Residential Sale – not TRUE. This type of Property has Tenants, Property Management and certainly Cost Segregation. While Fourplexes can be financed using a Residential Mortgage-never be fooled into thinking that this is a Residential Property.  Treat this like any other Commercial Investment and you can be highly successful.

Multi Family Dwelling 5-???? Units

Multifamily is a good investment. There are many opportunities that are afforded from a smaller Multi to much larger. We are successful at finding Off Market Opportunities as well as Value Add Multifamily. Stabilized Multifamily can be a rewarding experience for anyone.

Senior Housing-Assisted Care

One of the growing Asset Classes is Senior Care. We know the demand is strong and will continue to grow as we have a large population that is growing older. This is simply a supply and demand issue.  Arizona continues to house a 37 percent population of Seniors over 65 years old.

NNN Investments

NNN Investments are truly a Passive Investment. With this is the type of Property that the Tenant pays ALL of the expenses. While the cap rate is lower at times; the Tenants often have 10-20 year leases in place. Many Investors think that these are only for larger Investors-not true.  We have successfully obtained NNN Properties for investors as low as $450,000.

Single Family Homes

Many Investors have started their Portfolios with Single Family Properties. Some Investors have built very large Portfolios of ONLY Single Family.  There is nothing wrong  using the Asset Class as an Investment. We certainly have supported our Investors with this but be sure to look at the advantages and disadvantages.

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