Market Anaylsis

Knowing and understanding the Market; where it has been, where it is now and where the Future Opportunity lies are the fundamental keys to Investing. This is probably one of the most important pieces of any Investment Portfolio. Understand this, do it right and the Investor will have a clear path to success. A good Market Analysis will enable the Investor to know how to acquire, finance and maintain the Investment Portfolio and even to grow it to obtain Financial Security.

Bear in mind that all Portfolios start our different, and they may have different Goals and Strategies for different reasons. If the Portfolio is smaller and the Investor knows the Real Estate Asset Class inside and out, perhaps spending an inordinate time on the past, present and future of the Market may not be the best use of time. Having the right Information from reliable sources is critical, but where to find the information is the Key.

If the Investor is seeking Partners, funding or even Success; the Market Analysis is going to be the Key to attracting all of the above. Facts and hard numbers are hard to dispute when backed up with a Market Analysis. But where does the Investor find the Material?

Linda Gerchick, CCIM has been not only in the Market for over 20 years but also spends a great deal of time studying and evaluating the Market. She has many tools that are invaluable to achieve this. While all is shared with the Sales Advisors of the Company; all strive to analysis and continue to use both evolving Technology and common sense to explore all aspects of the Market.

CCIM and Site to Do Business

CCIM Designation-For more than 40 years, Certified Commercial Investment Members (CCIMs) have been recognized as experts in Commercial Investment Real Estate. Backed by the most challenging education program in the industry, CCIMs bring an exceptional level of real world experience, market knowledge, and negotiation skills to each client assignment. Today, about 15,000 professionals hold the CCIM designation throughout North America, Europe, Asia and Africa. Commercial Real Estate Users, Owners, and Investors recognize a CCIM as the first person to call for advice and direction in Commercial Real Estate.

Site to Do Business – Quick access to the right information can make or break a deal in today’s technology-driven Commercial Real Estate arena.

Since the debut of its website in 1995, the leadership of the CCIM Institute has continually stepped up to the plate to offer members technology resources designed to help them maintain a competitive marketplace advantage. It stepped up to the plate to offer members technology resources designed to keep the CCIM in the competitive market place advantage. In 1999, CIRE hit a grand slam with the inveiling of the Site To Do Business (STDB). STDB is only available to CCIM and CCIM Candidates. It is so powerful and full of information with the touch of a button that it has become the Industry Standard not only in Commercial Real Estate but in the banking world as well.

With STDB, if the Investor wants to know traffic counts; the proximity of business or the drive time and the walkability of a location-it is all there. Not to mention a plethora of other information.

Xceligant is a paid search engine that will search Commerical Real Estate not only locally but Nationwide. Think of this as a Commercial MLS.

LoopNet, while thought by some to be overused by some-is still a valuable tool.

Networking with sources like the Legislature and local government is not only a talent but speaks to the depth of Linda’s connections. One on one meetings, conferences and Relationships lead to the tight bonds of trust and respect on a level that many cannot attain. This leads to valuable information, a key to understanding the Market.

Certainly the use of the MLS is used, but sitting on Committees for the Arizona Department of Real Estate and the Arizona Association of Realtors again lead to not only key information but also to be one of the Leaders in developing the Market.

Speaking of the Arizona Association; the Association has relied on Linda to actually be one of the few that wrote and refined many of the current standard forms that are used today by Realtors in the State of Arizona.
All of the above are used in combination with other Broker-to Broker relationships. Interacting with peers on a daily basis and the freedom to discuss the Market is also a very important avenue to not only understand but to analyze what is going on or will be going on.

Investors search out this type of experience.

It is important to understand what the Market can offer and there is no better way than to be an Investor as well.

Knowing what happens when the Market moves and being able to react not only quickly but ahead of it, is so valuable. So many “Advisers” or Real Estate Agents have very little knowledge of owning and managing an asset because they have never owned one.

Linda has been investing since she was 17 years old, long before she became a Broker. All of the carefully handpicked Agents of Gerchick Real Estate are not only well qualified but Investors as well.

How can anyone advise an Investor on INVESTING is they have not done it.  All need to understand not only the benefits but also the pitfalls, what better way than to have done it themselves.

Yes, we all have Google but does everyone have the Viewpoint, RentRange, spreadsheet software and the ability to merge and understand all of the Data?

The list of sources can go on and on, after all 20 years in the business Linda has amassed a wealth of source and leads Gerchick Real Estate and the Investors in order to “Make the Market work for You!” Something that she has stood on for the full 20 years.