Portfolio Evaluation and Goal Setting

One of the benefits of working with Linda and her Company is the knowledge and ability to do full portfolio evaluation.

Most important for any investor is to understand what you own, where you have been and where you want to go. With Linda’s help, it is easy to create a path specifically tailored to your needs and goals. This starts with Portfolio Evaluation.

  • List of all Real Estate Holdings
  • Rent Roles,
  • Year to Date Reports
  • Prior Year Actuals
  • Capital Improvement by each Property
  • Tax Records
  • Mortgage Information (type, how much, prepayment penalties and when due)
  • If the properties were acquired by 1031 Tax Deferred Exchange-she will need this information
  • Photographs or site tour

Using the tools available to Linda, she will assemble the Market knowledge for the asset (even if in other markets). Once this has been done, she will do an evaluation on each property.  When completed developing a blended return on all of the Assets is the next step.

Once the overall performance of the Portfolio is completed.  The next step is to look at various ways to maximize the assets.  This now requires the use of the CCIM training. There are ways to maximize the assets using the following methods.

  • Hold and do NOTHING
  • Refinance
  • Move Equity
  • Sell
  • Sell using 1031 Tax Deferred Exchange
  • Re-position the Asset using various methods
  • Cash out and Purchase other Assets

Evaluating the Portfolio takes some time, it depends on the size of the Portfolio. ONCE this is done not only does the Investor have a good understanding of where they are but where they want to go.


While most Brokerages do not even offer let alone know how to do this.  You are lucky to be with Gerchick Real Estate. Do not hesitate to take advantage of the Education and 50 years of Knowledge.

As with any journey, the FIRST step is to DO  IT! Taking the first step or even the next step is critical. Do it today and call.  You will be surprised that your call is answered or returned quickly. We are known for the response. After all, if you called, you wanted to speak to someone.  A very simple concept.

As you can see from above, this is an in-depth process.  If you need help, making time for this is important. Toward the end of the year and the very beginning of the year; Linda leads Investors to help develop their own Business Plan.

A must for all Investors.