Tom Head

Senior Sales Associate

4602 E Waltann Lane
Phoenix, AZ
85032 USA


Cell Phone: (602) 334-0432


Tom is a valuable asset to Team Gerchick. He has been with the Team for over fifteen years and is active as a Buyer’s Agent for the Team. He has started the process to attain his CCIM. He has an electrical engineering background and coupling this with his knowledge of the current real estate market provides clients the comfort of knowing that he has the expertise to accommodate their needs.

Tom was born and raised in Phoenix and went to Arizona State University. Upon his exit from Arizona State University; he worked as an electrical engineer for several companies but mainly for Boral Industries, the largest roof tile manufacturer in the world.

Tom has been a Top Producer for Team Gerchick both regionally and nationally during his career. While he obtained Top Commissioned agent regionally in 2006; he really enjoys working directly with the investors.

There is a very interesting story on how Tom and Linda met.  Twenty Five years ago Tom came into Linda’s office to lease a house.  When he walked in Linda thought, “Cute guy but one, two, three daughters…. ” At the same time she was packing for her son Billy to leave for college. But Tom made her laugh and still does.  Tom says, “Linda was the only Real Estate Agent that called me back on a Sunday.” Still true today but Tom and Linda have been a couple since then over 25 years ago.

Tom is the Father of three daughters and enjoys attending their Volleyball, Basketball and Softball events. The three daughters are now grown and starting their own adventures.

Tom now has two young grandsons and these little guys shadow him everywhere.

Tom’s personal dedication to the physical and investment detail of the client’s portfolio is unmatched.