How about a Broker that really does return phone calls?


As a veteran of 24 years in the business, it astounds me that agents do not return another agent’s calls. Let alone a potential Client!


When I answer my phone, the most common response that I receive is-YOU answered my call.  My response is often, well you called me.


If the Sellers of these listed properties even know how often that their listing agent NEVER returns a call for an inquiry on a property, they should FIRE them!  I spoke to a new client yesterday (yes on a Sunday on a Holiday weekend) and I could feel their frustration as other agents would not help them.  They are qualified and really nice people.


Many times I have to ask over and over for marketing and rent rolls on properties.  It is a time suck and I really do want to deliver to my clients any information on a timely basis.  This week, I was trying to write a cash offer on a mid-sized apartment building.  I reached out to the Listing agent MANY times. Per the guidelines that I work under as a Broker, if the Listing Agent does not respond I can go directly to the Seller.  I do not like doing this but again, representing my client is my top priority.  Only after threatening to do this, did the Designated Broker respond (she was the listing agent). She said that it was off market and that she would update all sites.  WHAT A WASTE of time for everyone involved.


Many times I have agents call me and laugh because they will say straight across the board that they knew I would answer my phone!


Here is a story that is true.  Tom and I have been a couple for over 23 years.  Guess what?  I was the only agent out of thirty (he says) that answered his call on a Sunday.  He came into my office with three little girls and here I am today. We joke that he found me in a newspaper and I ran a credit report before I would go out with him.  He made me laugh and still makes me laugh.


So remember that I answer my phone or certainly return calls and emails VERY timely.  Call me and see!  602-688-9298.


Take care!



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  1. Benji Short
    Benji Short says:

    Communication is so important in any industry, but more so with real estate with timing being critical to getting deals done or having them fall through! Linda is a great example of one of the best communicators!


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