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I work with a number of Investors.  All different levels. Why do I say this?


I receive a number of phone calls from “beginning” investors.  My very personal philosophy is that we all started somewhere. I receive and do ESCROWS with cross agents that have never sold multifamily as well.  I still believe that we all started somewhere.

When I started in the business 24 years ago; there were a number of people that helped me along the way.  I am always thankful for this. Anyone that knows me knows that I feel that it is my personal responsibility to give back.  I love educating not only my Investors but also other agents. I am currently in two escrows that I am helping the other agent understand what they need for their clients.

This does not mean that I do not represent my client correctly, but what kind of an Broker would I be for my clients if an Escrow would fall apart simply because the cross agent needed some basic guidance.  I guess that it is the Mom or now also the Grandmother in me!

This year promises to be outstanding for investors.  Every city in the Phoenix market is exploding with growth.  The companies that are relocating from California (I wonder why?). The people that are moving here due to the job growth.  The housing market is not keeping up. All of these factors not only are indicative of our market but also the growth in the rental prices and the lack of good units for tenants.  EVERYONE of these factors lead to a rich investment environment.

I am dedicated this year to be even more responsive and more on top of the growth of the Phoenix Market.

As one of my Investors, here is your job-call me and lets get you on your path.  READ the emails that I send. GET educated on our market and also how to evaluate the properties quickly and efficiently! 

I will be attending an in depth market update in about 10 days.  You really want to watch for this update from me as it is a GREAT yearly event that I attend so that I can be as effective for you as possible.

Remember that I answer by phone and look forward to seeing your success.  Your success is my success.

Have a GREAT day!

Linda  602-688-9279

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  1. Tom
    Tom says:

    I agree that 2020 is poised to be an excellent year for real estate investment – and you are totally correct in stating that the California exodus will make Arizona even more popular!

  2. Benji Short
    Benji Short says:

    Excellent post! We all started somewhere and have people that influenced us and helped us get to where we are today, so why not give back to others that might be in the same position we were in when we started. I think its imperative to do this and only helps us grow as business owners and individuals as well!

  3. Harry Delia
    Harry Delia says:

    The year 2020 is off to a bang in my opinion. Arizona has all signs of growth growth growth. We have people coming from all over the world to live and work in Phoenix. Plus, our Governor, Doug Ducey, has laid a foundation for business to grow in Phoenix with fewer government regulations. This is very exciting to me.

    The construction side of the business is off the charts. The news is out that Phoenix is the place to invest. I would advise any new investor is to just get into the game. Yes, there is competition. However, competition never hurt anybody in my opinion.

    I wish you all a great 2020. Call us for your Property Management needs. We are here to serve.

  4. JC Shea
    JC Shea says:

    I could not agree more with the positive outlook on the Phoenix Market. I would say the most popular comment I hear daily from investors is “There is just not any value investments here anymore” Usually these are from California. The demand in Phoenix is very Real and with our current tax rates will drive more and more investors to the Arizona Market.


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