These Simple items will SELL your Property Faster

Yesterday, I went to a property inspection on a listing that I have.  I was the first person onsight and the Buyer (whom I did not represent) walked up and his first words were “So I finally get to meet the Queen of Fourplexes!” His second was “What a great website!”.

I have worked hard to gain the reputation of the “Queen of Fourplexes”. In 2006 I was with RE/MAX Commercial. I was number two in the ENTIRE world for RE/MAX that year and all I sold was fourplexes.  I missed being named number one by $30,000.  Of course they do not tell you this until you have received the award.  I would have bought a condo myself.  The next year I was again awarded the very highest honors from RE/MAX.

In the 23 years as a Broker, I have learned what works and what does not work in selling properties.  Of course, it goes without saying that answering my phone makes the biggest difference.  So many agents never answer their calls.  I see in the private remarks of listings-don’t call just text! I wonder if the Sellers knew that their agents put this in or even worse NEVER return calls or even emails-would they even hire the agent or FIRE them and they should be fired for this attitude.

When I work with a Seller to list their property, I do so many items in preparation.  First, I actually drive by the Property. There is nothing in Real Estate as “putting your feet on the dirt”.  I want to see improvements in the area and what is going on. I want to see the condition of the exterior of the property.  My recommendations to the owner for work that needs to be done is the difference between a sale and the price that the property sells for. This is the easy part.

I also want to walk the interiors of all units.  The worst thing that can happen is that you get a contract and when the inspections happen, the deal falls apart because we were not prepared for whatever is behind the closed doors.

I absolutely hire my photographer to shoot professional photos. I am paid to do a good job and professional photos make all of the difference. This means that the property needs to be made ready for the photoshoot.  Landscaping, moving tenant items and any repairs completed.

On the back side of the listing, I am known for supplying all due diligence up front to potential buyers.  NONE of us needs practice in writing contracts.  Let’s get the information in the hands of the Buyers or Agents.

I have agents look for my listings as they know that they can get all of the information upon front and make educated decisions about the property.

The list of items that I request from the Seller can be frustrating for the Seller.  However, without it I cannot do my job.  Having the information I need is critical to selling the property.  The faster I get the items, the faster that the property will sell.

I list properties on approximately 30 different websites.  All of these take a great deal of time to maintain.

An important fact is that I also update current rent rolls and year to dates on a monthly basis.  Again, the difference in Brokers.  Again, I need this information from the Seller or their Property Manager monthly.

When I list a property and IF I get all of the information that I need from the Seller, it takes me approximately 4 hours to completely “bring” up a listing.

There are many other factors that go into selling but the preparation done properly will hasten the days of market for the Seller!

Remember that I answer my cell phone 602-688-9299

Please call me if you have any questions!


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  1. JC Shea
    JC Shea says:

    It has always baffled me as to why people are unable to do the simplest thing in the world “ANSWER THE PHONE”. If this is truly your business, you will truly have a system for this.
    I cannot tell you how many times I have tried to contact people and I do not hear back for hours if at all. What this tells me is; Real Estate is their Side Hustle. I am only interested in full time professionals like Linda. People that understand we are in it to win it!

  2. Harry Delia
    Harry Delia says:

    I have to admit that Linda has listing a fourplex down to a science from start to finish. I have assisted her on many of her projects when it comes to property management. She spends a lot of time in preparation before bringing a property to market which makes the difference because it sells for a higher price.

  3. Benji Short
    Benji Short says:

    Obviously Linda’s reputation is second to none because of the things that she does for both sellers and buyers. This is just some of the items that separates her from most in her field. Great work!

  4. Jon Sahnow
    Jon Sahnow says:

    Spending some money fixing up a property pays off big time but many sellers do not listen to this advice and then they wonder why their property did not get top dollar. Good blog on the many things needed from a seller in order for a broker to do their job. Thanks for sharing Linda aka the Queen of Fourplexes!


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