Why a Commerical Broker vs. a Residential Broker?

When a real estate Agent in Arizona obtains a real estate license do you realize that in less than 21 days this person is licensed to practice real estate law?  

It is clearly written that no one is supposed to practice outside their scope of expertise.  What this clearly means that if the agent is not trained in an area of real estate that they either refuse to do this or refer this to an agent that is versed in the type of real estate that the client wants. If this is not done, then the agent is to obtain in writing from the client that they are not versed in this area.  

The agent should NEVER do this without the Designated Broker’s written permission. NO Broker worth their salt would allow one of their agents to work outside of their expertise.

Many agents have their heart in the right place but many “see” the commission as a driving factor. I can assure you that working for months on a deal and then it falls through really is painful. MORE painful is hurting the client or their interests. I am one of the few commercial Brokers that pay a referral fee to another agent and hopefully do the Client justice and the other agent maintains the reputation of taking care of their client.

The difference between selling a house that is an owner occupied sale and a tenant occupied property is really night and day as well.

One of the reasons that I have been so very successful with fourplexes is that I have treated these small multifamily properties the same as a commercial sale.  Agents sometimes feel because this is commonly written on a standard residential contract that this is handled the same as a single family house sale and this is so far from the truth. The FORMS that are used I actually assisted AZ Association of Realtors with the form.  In the forms committee there was me and the attorney for the association. They call me the Fourplex Queen for a reason.

I am in Escrow with an assisted care property, the agent is clearly a residential agent and it is sad.  Not6 only am I working harder but the BUYER really wants to buy the property and the agent’s inexperience is clearly getting in the way of the deal.  Last night my Seller even said to me that it is clear that the agent is inexperienced and it is too bad.

I was speaking to a group of residential agents recently and one held her hand up and said “Well I just did a commercial lease for my hairdresser!”.  I replied that I was sorry for their hairdresser. Why? The agent had no idea what the lockout clause was or what CAMS meant.  

I had aDesignated Broker come to me to look at a commercial lease for him.  He did not have an inspector look at the mechanicals (Air conditioner etc.). I asked him when the Tenant was moving in and he said in about two hours. In the lease,  it stated that the Tenant was responsible for the mechanicals. Guess what? The next day the 20 ton air conditioner failed. How much do you think a 20 ton air conditioner costs?  A LOT!

I could go on and on about the ins and outs of commercial real estate.  Here are the facts-use the type of EXPERIENCED Broker for your deal. I am a BROKER (higher level of license), I am a CCIM (Certified Commercial Investment Member) and I have a depth of experience with MultiFamily and Assisted Care.   


There are some areas of Commercial Real Estate that I refer to another Broker.  I cannot be a jack of trades and master of none!


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  1. Harry Delia
    Harry Delia says:

    Real estate would go much better if agents would know their role and outsource to other agents when they are not familiar with a particular type of real estate as Linda mentions above. I have witnessed agents doing property management that should not be. My advice is to go with the professional that knows what they are doing when it comes to real estate.


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