Cell Phone, Texting and Follow-Up-How IMPORTANT are these items?

Cell Phone, Texting and Follow-Up-How IMPORTANT are these items?

One word VERY!

If Sellers knew how little follow through their listing agents did-they would FIRE the agent.

If Buyers or Sellers knew how important it is to follow up with emails or signed written documentation, they would be shocked!

It should go without saying the Follow Thru is so critical!

If you call me or leave me a message, I either answer or call back.  One of the most common comments that I get is “You answered your phone!” or “You called me back!”.  Guess what my answer is – “Well you called me!”. 

Quick story, over 22 years ago I answered a Real Estate call on a Sunday.  The Client had called more than a handful of agents and I was the only one that called back.  Guess what Tom and I have been together for over 22 years. Yes, it was Tom that called for Real Estate.  The family joke is that I ran his credit and he found me in a newspaper before we could date. Later raise all 4 of our combined kids and now the next generation!

Even today, I pick up my phone and answer or return voicemails. Other agents are pleased.  In fact, so many listing agents do not even respond to agent inquiries that it is unbelievable that any listings get sold.  One agent called me last week and his comment was,”Linda, I knew that you would answer your Phone.”.

I see in the private remarks of Listings – DO NOT CALL ME only use text.  I would fall off my chair if I was a Seller and saw this! Are you kidding me?!! 

Remember that as a Buyer or Seller that emails do not count to amend a contract!  Only the signed documents work! Signed by both parties! However, when a phone or text conversation is done follow through with an email to confirm the conversation.  

I was actually taken to court by a client that alleged that I did not communicate.  In a six month time period there were over 4,000 emails. The client NOT prevail as all allegations were well documented and certainly communicated.  As the market was at the bottom and the client felt that they could collect from an insurance company, it was proven to be negligent and they went on their way.

Reputation is everything and it should go without saying that follow thru is the key to success.

I work hard and remember that I do answer my phone-just call me!  Leave a message or text me!



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  1. Harry Delia
    Harry Delia says:

    Reputation comes from the Latin word reputationem. It simply means how people label you either good or bad. It is best to be known in good manner by ones consistent actions and to be known as a person to get the job done. I have to confirm that follow through is a must.

    I coined a phrase when I was doing my weekly Phoenix real estate radio show that “REAL ESTATE IS A CONTACT SPORT.” That means as real estate sales agents we need to pick up the phone and talk to people in our profession.
    I believe too many agents depend too heavily on technology vs talking with people on the phone or in person.

    Linda, thanks for providing this excellent blog post to our attention.

  2. Martin J Lenich
    Martin J Lenich says:

    Linda, you take basic common courtesy and extend it to professional services. As with most professional services, SERVICE is equally important to knowledge and experience. Being responsive, not just to clients, but the entire vendor team is critical to the client’s overall success. We’ve had many questions arise that require accurate and quick response. We can always count on this being a 2 way street when we work on one of your transactions. Marty

  3. Betty Bennett
    Betty Bennett says:

    All the comments above, including the blog, come from true professionals. They obviously know that no one ever wants to be ignored, and that human beings don’t respond to non-attention. Yes, common sense, but all too often forgotten. The only way to succeed at anything is to keep your agreements. With others and with yourself. That’s what builds both character and relationships, personal and business.

  4. Benji Short
    Benji Short says:

    Another great topic! Communication is so vitally important and getting back to people within a reasonable time frame is also crucial in all our businesses. It would be hard to grow and succeed in your business if you didn’t do this.

  5. Tom
    Tom says:

    This is so important and timely – communicate quickly and in the manner in which your client prefers it! If it’s text, text them…if e-mail, then e-mail them. Most importantly, do it right away. Thanks for bringing this up, Linda.


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