How will you stay relevant in 2020?

The definition of relevant is being connected  with the matter at hand. This goes hand in hand with my thoughts of goals and staying on the path to attain them.

First and foremost it is important to state your goals. IN WRITING!

Every year I personally write a business plan.  On this plan I include both my personal and business goals. I not only do this for the coming year but 5 or even 10 year goals.

Years ago, a mentor sat with me to do this.  Here was and is my “Kodak” moment or take away from this life changing lesson for me.

If you write a business plan once a year a thought could be that you have goals that may or may not be realized?  So you have one chance a year to make an error. 

What if you wrote a business plan once a month?  Then you have 12 chances a year to reach your goals?  What is you wrote 52 business plans? Or 365 business plans? Things change with yourself, the economy and a myriad of other factors. So instead of writing a business plan once a year and failing by something changing, shorten the time distance.  Keep in mind your yearly or longer term goals.

I actually set m 5 year goals this time of year.  Then I lay down my path for the coming year. The next step that I do is think about what I want to do each quarter.  In addition,monthly goals are laid out.  

Once I have this, then weekly goals become easier to visualize. I actually write a list on a daily basis of to-do items.  I follow it. I do it.

Do not think that any of this is easy, it is not. I use the tools that I have developed over the years to stay on track.  You might use a legal pad or a spreadsheet. Some people actually use their calendar. In today’s world with the calendars being online, it becomes easy to write and then move the tasks or goals to the next day if you did not complete the item.  

I cannot stress how important it is to WRITE the goals down.  Sharing them with someone makes you more accountable. Sometimes only to yourself.

My sister told me one time that if she could not sleep due to things going through her mind that she would keep a pad next to her bed and write them down. This cleared her mind so that she could wake to her “list”.

It doesn’t matter how you get to the goal, just get started. This will keep you relevant to the life that you want to lead.

Remember that I am here to not only help you reach your goals but help you stay on track and REACH these goals!

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  1. Betty
    Betty says:

    Always great advice…I wear a few hats, and one of them is as a Life Coach. This time of year I always have my clients “take stock” of the past year, what worked and what distracted in helping them achieve their goals, so they can release any leftover negativity and move on to the next steps. I think you’re spot on here, Linda. It shows in your work, your great customer service values and your amazing success as a realtor/guide that you set goals and commitments to yourself, and you keep them. Best wishes to you for the New Year, and I know there are many more achievements and successes coming your way in 2020.

  2. Harry Delia
    Harry Delia says:

    This blog post is excellent timing since we are about to embark on a new year. We can reflect about the past twelve months on what worked and what needs improvement. The experts say written down goals assist in seeing what is possible and the work needed to achieve them. Finally, I have to agree that one needs an accountability partner to keep one on track and focused. Best to 2020 for all!


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