Let’s get positive for ourselves

I, like so many others in this crazy environment that we live in today am really tired of hearing the same doom and gloom over and over.  So my goal to you today is to put some positive thought there for you. Let’s start the New Year off with what we have and be Thankful. Let’s look around us and garner the good from the bad (even evil). Let’s focus on the goals that we have and accomplish something that makes us happy.


My son and his wife are teachers and while this has been a really difficult time for them, they have stayed focused on spending time with my two young grandchildren.  This is time that they will not get back and they have not missed the time with the toddlers.


How many times has someone told you to “Follow your passion”? Advice around this topic is given ALL the time.  Today, I wanted to explore this advice and maybe dispel some lies and add a little clarity around what passion is.


First, people all the time say they don’t know what their passion is. The reality is most people do not find it, they cultivate it.  Most people find something that is interesting and then simply works on whatever that is.


Second, I’m sure you have heard the phrase “Go big or go home.” I read Originals by Adam Grant and the research is completely different.  Most people gradually ramp up and take small consistent steps on their interests over a long time.  They don’t just quit their day jobs.


Third—Balance.  Today, it is heard from a lot of young people that think they can have balance every day. Not true. A friend of mine has a GREAT book called The Fantastic Life. In this book are rules and Rule 18 of his book, The Fantastic Life, is Do Nothing in Moderation.  Everyone wants to have clarity and focus so we can spend our most valuable asset, our time, on the most important things in our lives. Life is all about tradeoffs.


Make YOUR Fantastic Life happen!

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  1. Benji Short
    Benji Short says:

    Great post to end this crazy year of 2020! Life is all about trade offs, but also staying positive and realizing the phenomenal road ahead and spending time with people that promote positivity. Time is so valuable, we need to enjoy every minute of it! Cheers to a great year ahead!

  2. JC Shea
    JC Shea says:

    In my opinion when you find your passion #2 is the easy part. No Mountain is climbed by staring at the TOP. it is done one step at a time. When you are passionate those steps just seem a bit easier to navigate. #3 Balance is the one I personally struggle with as I like to focus on one thing at a time, so i constantly have to remind myself to stop one and focus on another.
    This past year has taught me more than any other to be grateful and to truly stop and really look at what is important.
    I am grateful for you Linda. Love working with you and always enjoy these Blogs.
    Happy Holidays.

  3. Martin Lenich
    Martin Lenich says:

    Linda, I agree, gratitude is an attitude that can change your approach to life. I think one of the secrets is being grateful for everything that happens in life, even seemingly “bad” things. I can look back on my own life and like most, I’ve had ups and downs…and while I wasn’t particularly “grateful” for the downs at the particular moment, when I look back, they had a very positive affect on me in other ways. So embrace the good and bad and whatever is left of 2020, and look forward to 2021 with gratitude in one’s heart. Marty

  4. Anne Cornelius
    Anne Cornelius says:

    This is oh, so true, Linda. And I know you live this and have found your passion in real estate. That’s obvious to me. I am so grateful to have found my passion while in high school and developed it into a successful CPA firm where I love what I do and that energy is absorbed by my staff and clients.

  5. Harry Delia
    Harry Delia says:

    I have learned to be grateful in my life such as my beautiful wife, my two children, family and friends in life. It is best to project a positive attitude even when life is throwing curveballs. Problems will arise in life. The true character of a person will come out during these times. Make the best out of life because it goes quickly.

    Thanks for sharing this information with us today


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