What is a disappearing agent?  Well it’s not me! 

I have a saying that I use, “I don’t disappear at the Close of Escrow.”  My clients know this and depend on me to help make their investments successful.


The Close of Escrow is simply the beginning.  Many agents collect their checks and disappear.  Technically at the Close of Escrow, the agent’s duties are done, EXCEPT for confidentiality. NOT ME!  


I primarily work in the mutli-family space, There is the transition of the building along with the transition of the tenants.  I wanted to help the client understand only a fraction of the items that I help to facilitate after the Close of Escrow.


At closing and if not before, I want to make sure that the new property manager has not only all of the leases but ALL of the tenant’s contact information.  This includes their email if possible.  


The Tenant’s move-in checklist as well as the tenant application.  Please remember that it is illegal for the previous owner to provide the Tenant’s credit report.


I also place in the original contract that the Seller will provide LABELED keys-even to the mailboxes, laundry, storage and vending machines. Once I received a box of keys to a 100 unit property with NO labels.  What a mess.


The Property Manager will need the entity documents and a copy of the final settlement sheet.  I provide all of this information.  They need this to do the utility transfers and laundry lease transfer as well.


The security deposits are not owned by the new owner but rather are held in trust for the tenant until they vacate the property. Only then may the Owner take possession of the deposits or disburse them.  At close of escrow, I have the seller transfer these to the Buyer. On the same settlement sheet, the deposits are then transferred to the new property manager.  This way it definitely shows the in and out of the deposits and where they are kept.


If there are repairs to be done to the property, or if repairs have been made, I make sure that this is passed on to the property manager as well.


In the State of Arizona, ALL tenanted residential property must be registered with the state showing the legal name of the owner (entity or individual) and the name of the current property manager.  If the owner changes the name or the property manager it is imperative that this be updated.  The new property manager should do this automatically but ultimately it is the property owner’s responsibility to see that these things are done.  The cost is minimal and it is a State Law.


Many times as I drive around, I drive past properties that I have sold.  I really look at them. If I see something that is not correct or needs attention, I snap a photo and send an email to the owner and the property manager.  As a rule, towards the end of the year, I take a photo of EVERY property that I have sold that year and send it to the Buyer.  Perhaps the Buyers have not even seen their property recently.


Remember that every property is different and while these are only a few of the items that I do AFTER the closing, there are usually many other items that I attend to.


Most importantly, I still answer my phone and my clients have heard me say, “If there is a challenge, call me before I cannot help you.  Even if it is months later.”.


Remember that I answer my phone and am available.  I either will answer or return your call VERY timely. 602-688-9270


Have a really good day!


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  1. Tom Bonetto
    Tom Bonetto says:

    Thanks for pointing this out, Linda – and you are entirely correct. It’s really imperative that all parties (from title/escrow, to the real estate agents, to the lender) stay involved with their clients. Not only is it the right thing to do from an ethical standpoint, it’s the right way to do business. I always appreciate it when a vendor looks out for my best interest – and interestingly, they become much more than a vendor at that point, they are now an advisor!

  2. Martin Lenich
    Martin Lenich says:

    One can see from the level of detail in every aspect of Linda’s approach, why her clients return when they need multifamily property agent services.

  3. Anne Cornelius
    Anne Cornelius says:

    It’s just amazing how much more there is to a real estate transaction AFTER the sale. And it’s good to know your sellers can count on you for so much more than just getting them to closing day.

  4. Harry Delia
    Harry Delia says:


    I just wanted to confirm that Linda does drive each and every property at the end of year to ensure that they are properly maintained. We have a great working relationship. Yes, I wanted to confirm that there are many things to do when onboarding and offboarding a property. It is best to hire a professional.

    I would like to share one story. Linda closed on a property. The new owner had a property manager in place. So, I order the water shut off since the owner no longer owned the property. Well, the old residents started calling me because the water was shut off. I respectfully referred them to the new property management company. One of the first things to do is to ensure no interruptions of services like water.

    Hire a professional for property management. It is not easy but enjoyable.

    Tenant Scary? Call Harry!


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