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While it is possible to buy and/or sell a commercial property yourself, a good Commercial Broker is often a great source of information.

A Commercial Broker is valuable to the Buyer and the Seller in a real estate transaction.


Buyers often fear that using a Commercial Broker will require they pay a fee.  Generally (but not always) it is the Seller who pays the sale commission. Another frequent myth is that the Buyer can find a better deal by purchasing “For Sale by Owner” properties because the Seller is avoiding the Broker’s commission. However, in many cases, the selling price of the property ends up being equal or higher than those listed by Commercial Brokers.

Commercial Brokers can:

  • Help determine an approximate price range
  • Refer you to a lender with financing options best suited to your needs
  • Provide access to many resource
  • Information on a broader supply thru their resources including sources not available to the public
  • Provide a market analysis
  • Use their experience in negotiating
  • Follow up on all of the contract details and closing  process


When selling a property, the focus should be on:

  • Getting the best price
  • Selling the property with the least amount of hassle

Commercial Brokers can:

  • Provide up-to-date information on what is happening in the real estate market, including financing changes and competing properties
  • Serve as your marketing coordinator
  • Suggest repairs to market for the highest and best price
  • Providing access to Commercial Listing Services
  • Marketing to other Commercial Brokers
  • Pre-screen and show your property to qualified Buyers
  • Guide the transaction to a successful close


Some of the questions that can help you decide are:

  • How will you keep us informed on the progress of the Sale?
  • Where do you feel that your strengths lie?
  • How did you arrive at the suggested listing price?
  • What is your marketing plan?
  • Can you give me references of past clients?
  • How long have you been practicing Commercial Real Estate?
  • Are you a full time Broker?
  • Are you an investor yourself?
  • How many sales did you have last year?
  • How many Buyers/Sellers are you currently working with now?
  • How “available” do you make yourself?
  • How does someone contact you?
  • Are you familiar with the type of property involved?
  • What is the average transaction that you did last year?





There are many items that the Commercial Inspection and the Due Diligence that needs detailed attention

Both Linda Gerchick, CCIM and Marty Lenich from Inspect-It First will be on hand to discuss this very valuable topic

Do not think that simply hiring an Inspector works

Do not think that a copy of a rent role is enough

What do you need and why!

Market Update w/Linda Gerchick CCIM
Thu, Jan 5, 2017 12:00 PM – 1:30 PM MST

Please join my meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

You can also dial in using your phone.
United States: +1 (312) 757-3129

Access Code: 607-525-629

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Canada: +1 (647) 497-9353

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One of the many challenges in re-positioning a property is the question of needing building permits

Our Referral Partner the Licensed Contractor (both for Residential and Commercial) is here to answer the questions!

Please RSVP to info@justsoldit.com


Recently I was showing a potential Leasing Client spaces for a Med Spa usage. While some of the potential locations were in good shape and clean; we walked in the to perfect location that was filthy, had an unflushed toilet if you know what I mean-even a broom would have made a difference.  Leasing agent called before during and after the showing; it is too bad that if she was so motivated (she told me to bring ANY offer) that she did not at least bring out a broom herself or strongly encouraged the Landlord to bring out a cleaning crew. Windows were so dirty that you could not even look in. This had me thinking on Commercial Space. A couple of years ago I sold a beautiful office condo-in a very competitive market.  But while it was vacant; the owner lightly staged (for Commercial) and my showings were very positive.  I certainly had property brochures onsite along with CCRs.

One of my favorite television channels is HGTV. I love the Property Brothers, Love it or List it, Design on a Dime, and Flip or Flop.

Given my vocation, this is predictable as I do a similar thing for a living – although not residentially.

One thing universal in all of the HGTV offerings – the condition of a house during showing is critical. If the house shows poorly with outdated colors, visible repair needs, oversized furniture or evidence of residents – your purchase price will suffer as potential buyers will discount their offers to deal with the shortcomings.

OK, I get it! But, is there a parallel in commercial real estate?

My answer is a resounding YES! Staging your commercial real estate is not as easy as a few v-dinted pillows and strategically placed sofas, however. Staging commercial real estate involves the condition of the building and how it shows to prospective tenants and buyers.

If the condition of your commercial real estate is tantamount to achieving maximum value, what improvements should you consider before selling or leasing?

Leasing improvements: If your goal is to lease your commercial real estate quickly and for an above market lease rate, you must invest some dollars placing the property in “rent ready” condition. The carpeting in the office should be replaced or at a minimum removed so that a prospective tenant knows that new flooring is in the plans. A fresh coat of paint throughout the office and warehouse brightens things and adds an air of new. All of the systems – plumbing, heating, ventilating, air conditioning, roof, sprinkler system, loading doors, electrical panels, fire alarm system should be checked and certified. The outside of the building is important as well. Remember, if your commercial real estate lacks curb appeal, the tour might hop-scotch your building for one that looks good. Paving, landscaping, and truck loading areas should be shored up and maintained during the vacancy. Most potential tenants have a limited imagination or patience for the way “things could be”. Therefore, delaying the above could cause an occupant to bypass your building for another that is move-in ready.

Sale improvements: If your goal is to sell your commercial real estate for top dollar, you want to plan your refurbishment wisely. If you cannot justify a 100% return or greater – question the investment. Said simply, if you repaint the building at a cost of $20,000, that investment should translate into a $20,000 increase in value. In my experience, the items in a building purchase that give buyers the greatest heartburn are the condition of the roof and air conditioning. I generally advise my clients to perform an inspection of these systems. We then know if any issues exist and can plan accordingly.

Biggest mistake: Some owners will adopt the attitude of “waiting until the occupant appears before investing in any building refurbishment.” Certainly, there are reasons for this position – no available funds for investment is the most common – but the downside is steep. If a prospective occupant perceives the owner is not “open for business”, he will scatter like ashes in a Santa Ana wind.

Showing condition: If the property is vacant during showings – and your broker is not present during showings – complete literature should be available to prospective occupants.

Come learn the numbers behind finding a great investment.

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Gerchick Real Estate-Home of Team Gerchick

Taught by Linda Gerchick, CCIM-Learn from the PRO

Bring a note pad and a LAPTOP COMPUTER W/EXCEL!!!!

Learn how to use THE SPREADSHEET THAT WILL MAKE analyzing properties easier.

Become an analyzing pro and learn when and how to use the spreadsheet to vet out deals

“Smart people learn from their own mistakes, wise people learn from others”

RSVP TO 602-256-1415

Space is Limited or email Linda@justsoldit.com


Spreadsheet Workshop

 Park behind the building!

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How to assemble your TEAM for investing and “Make the Market work for You!”

Every Investor needs to have the right Team-remember it takes a Village to succeed!

Linda will be showing you the correct way to interview your Real Estate Team and who you need to rely on!
Bring your Lunch and Come to our Office

RSVP- Linda Gerchick, CCIM

602-256-1415 or info@justsoldit.com

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Exploring the “Art & Science” of a Commercial Property Inspection

Marty Lenich
ACI, PE Chief Inspector
Inspect-It 1st

The Due Diligence process can be overwhelming. Coupled with our referral partners and the work that we do with you; we can make it clear and easy to make the right decisions for your investments.

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We are all about education-this is not a sales pitch-just come & learn
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If you are an Investor-don’t miss this valuable information!

“IRA-Don’t Let it SIT!”

by Kevin Mark
Entrust of Arizona

Are you tired of the Stock Market?

How much do you make on Mutual Funds?

There is another way to MAXIMIZE your IRA?

Did you even know that you can use your IRA for Real Estate Investing?

Bring your Lunch and Come to our Office

RSVP- Linda Gerchick, CCIM



We are all about education-this is not a sales pitch-just come & learn
We will start promptly at 12 pm and end at 1:00 pm-
You can stay for questions from 1:00-1:30 PM

View Videos of our Lunch and Learn Series

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